Difference between MAC, PC and LINUX

As you have all heard about MAC short for Macintosh, PC short for Microsoft and LINUX operating system. An operating system communicates between hardware and software.

Difference between windows, macintosh and linux
Difference between windows, macintosh and linux

We install software on top of operating system and then OS (Operating system) use hardware to run that software. Operating system is also a software. Kernel is the main backbone of all operating system.


WINDOWS was launched in 1985 as an operating system which was an implementation of GUI on MS-DOS operating system. In 1995 WINDOWS operating system get very high popularity and was highly appreciated by people.

MAC OS was launched one year before Microsoft i.e. in 1984. MAC OS was originated from BSD distribution of UNIX. Both MAC and WINDOWS OS were tested on INTEL processor.

LINUX was also originated from UNIX in 1991. LINUX is not a full-fledged operating system but it has some distribution like Ubuntu, Fedora and others.

Difference and comparison:-

  • Price: – The cost is the main difference between all these operating system. PC is more than 100 bucks and less expensive then MAC. LINUX is totally free and has GNU license.
  • Hardware: – MAC runs on only Apple manufactured machines and hardware while WINDOWS and LINUX can be installed on a variety of hardware computers like HP, ASUS, ACER, DELL and others.
  • Virus Proof: – Due to high market usage of Microsoft WINDOWS there are many virus makers and so WINDOWS has problem of attacking virus, malware. On the other hand Macintosh and LINUX and has few virus developers and few virus attacks.
  • Where there are used: – WINDOWS OS is used on desktops, tablets, smartphones and others. LINUX is used for desktop, servers and other variety of devices. MAC is used on mostly desktop and due to high price it is not best suited for servers.
  • Percentage of usage: – WINDOWS has the largest percentage of users almost 70-80% people using WINDOWS OS. MAC is about 10-20% range and LINUX is very few in society.
  • Ease of use: – WINDOWS is used on almost every place like in homes, offices, stores so all knows how to use it and is very easy to get started with WINDOWS and using it. There is slight difference in using WINDOWS 8 because it is also designed for touch screens but is also easy to use. LINUX is very difficult to configure for first time use. MAC is also not easier for new users but easy than LINUX.
  • Games: – Most of game development companies prefer to develop games for PC’s because most widely used. MAC has also games but very few in number.
  • Graphics and video production: – Graphics and videos are best edited and produced by WINDOWS and MAC OS.

WINDOWS vs. MAC vs. LINUX – Which One to Prefer:-

If you are new in computer world then I suggest you to go for WINDOWS operating system. If you have high budget then MAC is also not bad idea. And if you are a programmer and tech person then LINUX is good for you.

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Difference between MAC, PC and LINUX

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