Html5 is leading in mobile world as compared to flash

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Adobe Company has got so many boosts in previous few years but now with the launch of html5 flash is feeling many problems in popularity. If you see in the mobile world adobe has launched his flash player for mobile devices also but adobe announced recently that he will no more launching flash player for mobile devices. The reason behind this is that the company cannot afford the large resources needed to maintain development of flash player for mobile devices.

Html5-vs Flash
Html5-vs Flash

Company is saying that html5 can work best for mobile devices. As you know html5 is still under development and new features are adding to it with time. Video player of html5 has greatly influenced adobe market. Youtube version of html5 is also available which tells us that how much popularity it is getting nowadays. But we cannot forget about the power of flash player, it has great text animation support, dynamic content and good flexibility.

Html5 needs no download; it is supported by all latest browsers so no need to install every new update of flash player. So the scope of html5 is great in future as it is continuously adding features to it. May be some day ajax features may also be added to it. My opinion about developers is that you can now learn about html5 so that it is good for you in coming days as there is lot of work in coming days.

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