10 steps to increase iphone battery life

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Iphone is used by the new generation every day. As people use iphone most of time in a day so there arises problem in charging battery every hours especially if they are out of their homes.

Increase iphone battery life
Increase iphone battery life

So today I discuss steps which you can follow to increase your battery life.

  1. Turn off push emailing. If you have very important email that you are waiting to come up then you can turn on push emailing. But if there is no important and emergency message to come up then push emailing wastes battery because it fetches email from the mail server after a few moments without knowing you. You can check the email at any time manually.
  2. Some apps use GPS to identify your location. So you have to turn off this feature also called location services.
  3. 3G uses more battery than wifi. So you have to prefer wifi over 3G while downloading.
  4. If you are running social apps then these apps will frequently notify you of any new activity. So it’s better that you turn off these notifications from that app when you are not active.
  5. Don’t run many apps and tasks at the same time. This will also consume extra battery power.
  6. Don’t keep your blue tooth on all the day.
  7. Turn off automatic updates. Always use manual update of iOS and apps.
  8. Use auto lock feature so that if you are not using iphone for 1 minute then it turn off light.
  9. If you are not using wifi then turn it off.
  10. Decrease your screen brightness. If you are using iphone indoor or in low light then decreasing screen brightness helps to increase battery life.

For your safety always keep an extra battery and charger in your car for emergency.

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