Social media sites are very important these days in your business or if you are unemployed. The most popular social networking sites are facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+. If you are already employed but getting low salary then joining these sites also solve your problem. But the question arises that how can we benefit from these social networking sites. First search your target company which you want to join and then find the facebook page of that company and join that page. After joining the facebook page you will see other members of company. Communicate with employees of the company who have also joined that page and ask them that how you can get employed. Don’t ask directly that you want job. The employee then may give you some direction and assist you to contact any person in that company. So you can get lead to enter the company. Similarly there are groups in linkedin and good companies make group of their own in linkedin. You can follow the same steps as you do with facebook page. Also you can search a person in linkedin who is working in some specific company and add him as your connection (friend).

In linkedin there are jobs groups also which you can join. After joining those groups you will see that many people are posting jobs of their company, so you can check the details of the job and can apply. You can also join twitter. There is a site named In this site you can search the tweets by keywords. So if you want to search for any job then enter your job title and then search in that site, it will show you recent tweets about that keyword you enter.

Another option is facebook groups. There are many facebook groups that are for jobs. So you can search the groups in facebook and join them. Also you can post in that group that you are looking for a job and mention your skills, so if any company see your post then that company will surely contact you.

In U.S there are more than 14% people who are getting low salary job due to unemployment and recession. So you have to make some connection with the employees of good company through social media sites and get your target job.

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