The more you manage your time effectively the more money you can earn as freelancer. At the start when I begin freelancing then I don’t manage my time and work without time management. The result was that I finish the work at not exact day that I have given to my clients.

Time management for freelancers

Time management for freelancers

So today I will give you tips of how to manage your time effectively and earn more income from your freelancing work.

Taking Rest:

Always take your time for taking rest. If you are not fresh and so tired then you will complete the task in double time required for the job. Do sleep at regular time.

Work by prioritizing the tasks:

If you get a project then divide it into small tasks and prioritize it so that you know which tasks you have to complete first and which tasks are not so important. You can write all the tasks in the notebook or excel sheet and when you complete the task then make a tick.

Assign time for each task:

When doing the task make an estimated time of how long it takes to complete and then do your hard work to complete it within the time.

Do the tasks first which are easy and take less time:

When you have lot of tasks to be completed then complete first those tasks which are easy and can be completed in less time so that you can show your client that you are responsive and get good response from the client.

Use a desktop background of tasks:

Make a picture in which you have to list all the tasks you have to complete in a day and set it as desktop background on your computer. This way you have always kept an eye on the tasks you have to complete in a day.

Organize your folders:

Make folder structure like this. Suppose you have a client from odesk then create a folder named odesk and in that folder create another folder with the name of client. And put the projects there. Also put the important folders in your favorites. So you don’t have to browse all the directories to find the needed folder.

Use tags in your gmail account:

If you use gmail as your mailing account then use tags. You can assign tags to important emails and later on find the emails related to that tag. This will make your life more easier and time saving.

Bookmark important links:

I suggest you to use google chrome as your browser. And bookmark your important website links and make your links placed in folders in the toolbar. One benefit of using google chrome is that if you have synchronize it with your gmail account and when ever you install chrome on new windows installation then you will get all your bookmarks and extensions added automatically.

Last thing is that you have to sleep for long time to make sure you have taken your rest time and you are always fresh for you next work.

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