Peer to peer network or P2P network is a network between computers through LAN or internet. Peer is a computer connected in the P2P network. Before discussing more details about P2P, we have to first know about client and server. The client is a computer which gets data from another computer on the network and the computer which shares data and resources to the client computer is known as a server. In a client-server network, multiple client computers are connected to one server but in P2P network each computer behaves as client and server at the same time.

Peer to peer network

There are security issues in peer to peer network because one computer can read/write on another computer and change its data also. Making P2P network is easy and you don’t have to install any other software in the operating system. All modern operating systems have a built-in feature that can automatically connect you in the network. If you are making a network in the LAN then you have to be a part of any workspace. All the computer in one workspace can share data with one another.

Computers (peers) can share peripheral devices like printer, hard drive, or scanner with each other. Peer to peer network is made between computers through modem, switch or hub. The connection between peers can be wired or wireless. In wired connection coaxial cables, copper cable, and fibre optics can be used. Note that the central server is not involved in making this type of network and peers communicate with each other independently.

Examples of peer to peer network:-

Torrent: Torrent is a big example of a P2P network. In torrent, all the computers are connected to each other on the internet. One computer can upload any file in the network and other computers start downloading the files. Also, every computer can upload parts of the file if that computer has already downloaded some chunks of the file.

A computer attached to the LAN: In home or in a small office, computers can make peer to peer network with each other and share data and resources with each other.

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