What is an interactive system

The interaction between a computer and a user is known as a computer interactive system. In smartphones, tablets we also see interaction with different games, and apps. There are some types of interactive systems which are graphical user systems, command-line systems, and menu-driven systems.

Nowadays touch screen LEDs are also available by which users interact with a computer system. In restaurants, buses, aeroplanes users interact with the LED screen to order different dishes or eatable things.

Examples of an interactive system

  • You visit any app/website and click on any image. Upon clicking on the image some data is shown to the visitor. This is a type of interactive system.
  • A web browser is also an interactive system in which users interact with websites.
  • Playing video games is also a form of an interactive system. You give input to the game by pressing on the keyboard or clicking on your touch screen. The game responds to the input of the player and perform any action in the game.
  • Editor in computers is also a type of interactive system.

What is a non interactive system

A non interactive system is one which don’t require user interaction with the system. It can be any software or hardware which don’t require any interaction with the user.

Examples of a non interactive system

  • TV is an example of a non interactive system. You watch the TV without any interaction on the broadcast of the TV channel.
  • A smart window that operated on the light and doesn’t require user interaction.
  • Watching movies is also a type of non interactive system.
  • Seeing graphics on screen is also a type of non interactive. Some graphics don’t react to user interaction and they are a form of non interactive behaviour.
  • A batch processing system doesn’t need interaction with the user and is a good example of a non interactive system.

Below is a comparison between interactive and non-interactive systems.

Interactive SystemNon-Interactive System
Involves clicking of links.Don’t involve clicking links.
Communication between user and computer is in two ways.Communication between user and computer is in one way.
You can change images in an interactive system.You cannot change images in a non-interactive system.
Users have authority and control over all the systems.Users don’t have authority and control over non-interactive systems.
Most computer systems are interactive systems.TV broadcasting is non-interacive

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