There are many types of computers exists nowadays and most users also think that smartphone is also a type of computer. Usually people want to buy laptop and there arises question in their mind that which laptop they want to buy notebook, netbook or traditional named laptop.



So today I discuss about the differences between all these computers.


Notebook is also called small laptop. It has no internal dvd drive but can be attached through ports. Notebook is thinner than normal laptop. Its battery runs from 4 to 5 hours. Notebook has maximum 14 inch screen and minimum 12 inch screen. It has Celeron processor. They are costly than normal laptops. If the notebook has touch screen then we call them tablet also.


Netbook is smaller than notebook and also lighter in size. The keyboard is very small which make us difficult to type. It consumes less memory and power. Netbook has minimum screen of 7 inch and maximum screen of 10 inch. It is mostly used for internet, visiting website, checking emails and social networking.


Normal laptop has large screen e.g. 17 inch screen. It has dvd drive internally build in. Laptop occupies large space. It has 2.5 to 3 hours battery timing. The RAM and other parts can be changed if damaged. Laptop has good quality of audio. Consume less power. It is equipped with intel Centrino processor. With the passage of time the laptops become faster and with lot of space so you can perform all the tasks that you do on desktop pc.


Tablet has no physical keyboard. It has virtual keyboard. Tablet has long battery timing. It can operate by picking it in one hand and using by another hand. It has touch screen. No cd drive and dvd drive. If you want to install something then there are apps available which you can download from app store. As tablets have less space and processor so it can use some network resources connected through internet.
I don’t think so that tablet is very useful for computing. It is used only for playing games, browsing net.

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