Advantages and disadvantages of TinyOS

TinyOS is an open source operating system (OS) specially made for wireless network devices. The devices include Bluetooth, environment sensor devices, and bank security system etc. TinyOS is written in NesC language which is dialect of C language. TinyOS advantages and disadvantages Below are some advantages and disadvantages of tinyOS. Advantages of TinyOS Small in size: The source code of TinyOS is small in size. Due [...]

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What is tinyOS and its applications

What is tinyOS TinyOS is an open source operating system used for wireless devices. This operating system (OS) is small in size and consumes low memory. The application programs that run on TinyOS are also small in size as compared to normal OS. Another feature of TinyOS is that it is made for some specific device. Normal OS is multithreaded and consumes high voltage of computer. But tinyOS [...]

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