Today i am going to teach you about Yoast Seo Plugin of wordpress. I have made 4 videos about configuring settings in this plugin. In first part i will install and activate the plugin and also i will import settings such as meta data and meta description from All in one seo pack. In part 2 and part 3 i will do settings in the yoast such as settings meta data and meta description. And i also tell you about all the details of the plugin. I part 4 of the video i will give you demo of applying this plugin during creation of post/article.

This is very detailed overview of the plugin so view all the videos and if you feel any problem in the videos then do comment on the article. This plugin is very popular in doing search engine optimization and get very useful benefits about installing the plugin. There are many other plugins in the market but this is the only one i use in my website. I also suggest you to use only one plugin of this category per site. The plugin is developed by the person whose name also matches with the name of the plugin and now the premium version of this plugin is also released but free version is all the best for the beginners.

The other features of the plugin are to have meta title and meta description for Facebook and other social networking sites. So you can use different meta details like title and description for search engine and social sites. When you share the link of the post in social sites then it will populate the title and description you set in the plugin during creating of post. You can also check the density of keyword and other things like words count, picture appearance in article. You can check all these in Page Analysis menu at the bottom of your post editor. All the details of plugin is discussed in these four parts of videos. So below is the videos:-

WordPress urdu tutorial video of yoast Part – 1:-

WordPress urdu tutorial video of yoast Part – 2:-

WordPress urdu tutorial video of yoast Part – 3:-

WordPress urdu tutorial video of yoast Part – 4:-

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