Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid apps

What is hybrid app A hybrid app is a mixture of a native app and a web app. The source code of a hybrid app is written once and then converted to both android and iOS by hybrid frameworks. A native app is developed by using code that is specific to the operating system. Native app code is written differently for android and iOS. But in the case [...]

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Difference between microkernel and monolithic kernel

What is kernel The kernel is the core component of the operating system. It loads at computer startup and resides in memory. In memory, user processes are also loaded but they are separate from the kernel. The kernel has private space in memory that is not accessible to user programs. The kernel runs and manages application programs like browsers and word processors. The kernel also manages hardware. Kernel [...]

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What is hybrid operating system with example

Definition of hybrid operating system The hybrid operating system is a type of OS that combines features of both microkernel OS and monolithic OS into one space. This type of OS has two OS running on one machine. One OS boots the system and the other OS uses the remaining resources of the system. Hybrid OS In hybrid kernel bus controllers and virtual files systems are kept in [...]

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What are advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence AI or artificial intelligence is the ability of computers or machines to think like humans. Computers with AI cannot do mistakes and can do self-decisions. The machines after adopting AI can play games, do mechanical work, walk like humans, AI car driving and others. Artificial intelligence was first time used by John McCarthy in 1956. The first mobile robot was built by Shakey in [...]

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What is dispatch latency in operating systems

Before I start my topic, I have to discuss what a dispatcher is. Dispatcher: The dispatcher is a program which moves the process from the ready state to the running state. The dispatcher is also known as a short-term scheduler. Now let me discuss what context switching is. Context Switching: Context-switching work is the same as a dispatcher. It moves the process from the ready state to the [...]

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What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative Research

When we need to find any new thing then we do research. Research is just discovering new things in our surroundings. For example, we can discover how the relationship between doctor and patient. We can also find why Snapchat is helpful in social networking. There are many types of research we can do such as:- Social Scientific Animal related Natural research Space research Research in sea And others [...]

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What is resource allocation in operating system

A resource can be either a printer, hard drive, scanner or keyboard. The operating system (OS) allocates resources to the computer processes. A process is any program in execution. The program needs resources to complete the task. Suppose the MS Word program is running and it needs a printer to print the document. If the printer is free then OS assigns that printer resource to the MS Word [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Access

What is Microsoft Access Microsoft Access or MS access is a database management system (DBMS) with a nice graphical user interface (GUI). It can store data in various forms i.e. text, images, numbers, dates etc. Version 1.0 of Ms Access was released on 13 November 1992. In the old days when FoxPro was dominating the database software, Microsoft decided to buy FoxPro. MS Access started embedding features of [...]

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What is application server with example

Definition of application server An application server is a server that runs applications. The server provides hardware and software support for the applications. It runs web applications and exchange data with other servers. What is application server How application server works The application server is a server that hosts one or more applications. This server exchange data with the web server. A web server is a server that [...]

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Difference between logical and physical topology

What is logical topology Logical topology is a type of topology which describes how data is transferred between network devices. The network devices are a computer, switch and hub. Also, this topology explains what is data transfer speed and which device is transferring data in the network. Logical topology gives a broad overview of the network i.e. which device is transferring data and to which device data is [...]

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