What is artificial intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is the ability of computers or machines to think like humans. Computers with AI cannot do mistakes and can do self-decisions. The machines after adopting AI can play games, do mechanical work, walk like humans, AI car driving and others.

Artificial intelligence was first time used by John McCarthy in 1956. The first mobile robot was built by Shakey in 1969 that can do general tasks and translate instructions. In 1997, a supercomputer named ‘Deep Blue’ was built that defeated a top chess player. AI is used in every field these days.

Pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of AI.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

Some benefits of AI are:-

Oil exploration:

In recent years, the advancement in the oil industry has made remarkable success. Now AI supported machines can guess the oil exploration easily and they can complete the mission of searching for oil and gas easily.

Used in games:

Now modern games are built with AI in mind. AI-supported games can play with humans and can defeat top players. These games can decide faster and can take steps accurately.


AI-supported computers and machines can perform their tasks without errors. Humans can work 4 to 8 hours a day and have a higher probability of doing errors but AI-supported machines are error-free.

Face detection:

Now cameras in drones and AI-supported cameras can detect human faces easily and can apply filters in real-time. The AI cameras in smartphones and computers can also change human faces intelligently.

Location finding:

With AI, the locations in Google maps and games can be easily found and Google maps can give us a direction map.

Used in banks:

Now with AI taking place in banks, the transactions are done fast. Customers don’t need to stand in queues. Now we can do most of our transactions online. We can pay utility bills through online banking.

Can perform risky tasks:

AI-supported machines can perform well in defusing bombs and exploding buildings. So humans can feel more secure and can use AI machines in doing these tasks.

Voice detection:

AI can detect our voice and change our voice to text. For example, in Cortana in Windows OS, a voice in Google Assistant and also a voice in Siri are detected easily. In smartphones, our voice is also detected and smartphones can perform various tasks by our voice. Now with voice detection, we can write a paragraph by just speaking from our mic.


Every human face has a cartoon character and in recent development in information technology avatars are created by computers and smartphones easily. We can take any example of Meta by Facebook. Meta uses AI to make avatars of every human.

Used by doctors

Doctors use AI to diagnose a disease. Patients can be treated fast in this era of AI. For example, a tumour is detected in a human by AI. The development of medicines is also done by AI technology.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Some drawbacks of AI are:-

A human can become lazy:

If we humans depend on computers to take every decision then our self-decision power decreases and we become lazy.

No emotions and feelings:

As we humans can become sad and happy in different situations and express our emotions but AI machines have no such feelings and emotions. They cannot communicate as humans do.

Human intelligence:

AI has many benefits but it is limited in intelligence. For example, machines cannot detect a scenario that human has not coded in it. Humans can think with new ideas and can change with changing environment but computers are limited in that sense.

Threats risk:

As more banks are adopting AI technology so the security of customers also comes to risk. Hackers can break the security walls and can access sensitive data. The sensitive data can be credit card details, bank transactions etc.


It is very costly to repair and do maintenance of AI machines. As AI machines are built with complex algorithms and fixing algorithms needs expert people and cost huge money.

Frequent updates:

AI-supported computers and machines need upgradation after some time. As the needs of humans change the machines have to also change their performance and thinking power.

Unemployment issue:

AI has been used in every field these days and they are performing very well. The AI machines output more work and take less time to complete. So manual work is decreasing. Due to this reason, employees are losing their jobs as employees work is replaced with AI machines.

Examples of artificial intelligence

Some examples of AI are:-

  • Used in self-driven cars
  • Used by doctors to perform patient inspections
  • Weather forecasting
  • Used in the agricultural field
  • Used in online shopping stores
  • AI-supported machines can build cars and other machinery
  • Used by factories to build small to large-scale parts
  • AI supported drones
  • AI-supported homes that can control the temperature of rooms, on/off lights, gates open/close, fire alarms etc.
  • Used by NASA in space
  • AI-supported chatbots
  • Used in transportation, education, customer service, and manufacturing

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