Advantages and disadvantages of wearable computers

Definition of wearable computer "A wearable computer is a small computation device that can be worn on the body. It is attached with clothes also. Wearable digital clothes are also used these days. The wearable computer can also be a smartphone or wristwatch." Wearable computers were introduced many years ago but the real work on it was started in the 1980s. Steve Mann invented the wearable computer in [...]

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What is wearable computer with example

Definition of wearable computer “A wearable computer is a portable computer that is worn on the body and is mostly used for health purposes”. They can also be used as hands-free e.g. they can get signals from muscles, voice, brain, head position, lips, eye position and these gestures are to control other devices and computers. The idea of wearable computers started in the 1500s and this era, a [...]

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