Definition of wearable computer

“A wearable computer is a small computation device that can be worn on the body. It is attached with clothes also. Wearable digital clothes are also used these days. The wearable computer can also be a smartphone or wristwatch.”

Wearable computers were introduced many years ago but the real work on it was started in the 1980s. Steve Mann invented the wearable computer in the 1970s. He introduced the concept of smart glasses. From the 1980s to the 1990s he made different types of old smart glasses that include a camera on a helmet. Then in later stages, a smart glass that we use today was discovered.

We can use a wearable computer in the health care sector also. It can measure your heartbeat, count your walking steps, room temperature etc.

Diagram of wearable computer
Wearable Computer

Below are some pros and cons of wearable computers:-

Advantages of wearable computers

Some advantages of wearable computers are:-

Track your location:

If you go to an unknown place then you can check your wearable device and see the location easily. If you want to visit any location then the device can help you to go to that location. It uses a GPS feature in your device to find the location.

Increase your productivity:

You can increase your productivity by using different gadgets. If you exercise in the gym then you can count your exercise steps by the wearable gadget.

Increase your information:

If you use the internet by wearable computer then it displays you a lot of information like a weather report, email notification, and other informational news. You get updated information about what is going on around you.

Help disabled people:

Many disabled people do normal things by using this technology. If any person has a hearing problem, then he can use a wearable device that can help him to hear normally. Some disabled people use an artificial finger that looks the same as the original.

Use for education purposes:

Students can use smart glass, smartwatches and other widgets that can help them in their studies. They can also do research type of work by using smart gadgets.

Medical usage:

Doctors can inspect the patient by using wearable computers. They measure the heartbeat, blood pressure, eyesight, and temperature of the patient by wearable gadgets.

Safety purpose:

As we see in video games that a player uses the watch to note down where is the enemy. This can also happen in real life. You can track the movement of the thief or enemy by wearable devices. It can help you in saving your life also.

Disadvantages of wearable computers

Some disadvantages of wearable computers are:-

Leak your privacy:

Most wearable devices are connected to the internet. That means someone can get access to your information by any security leak in your device. Some apps also use your information for their promotion.

May get wrong data:

Some wearable devices are not of good quality. They may give you the wrong information. For example, if you walk from one location to other then it may give you a wrong calculation of your steps. Also, some gadgets can give you wrong heartbeat information.

Distractions in your work:

If you keep the wearable gadgets with you for a longer period then you may get notifications from that device. That way you feel distracted from your work. You keep seeing the gadget and it wastes your time.

Heating up:

Wearable computers use electric power to run smoothly. But these devices when used for a longer time generates heat. These devices heat your body as well which is not good.


These gadgets are expensive to buy. If you lost the device by any means then you get into depression. If that device falls on the ground then it may break and will not work again. You have to buy a new one that is hard to buy again.

Not waterproof:

Some wearable gadgets are not waterproof and when you accidentally get water on the device then your device stop working and your data is lost.

Bad battery timing:

These devices usually have a couple of hours of battery timing. If you use the device continuously then its battery will come down and you have to recharge it again.

Application of wearable computers

Wearable computers are used in various fields like:-

  • Gaming
  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Music
  • Fitness
  • Disability
  • Transportation
  • Again
  • Fitness

Examples of wearable computers

Some examples of wearable computers are:-

  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Apple watch
  • Fitbit
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Smartwatches
  • Smart jacket
  • Smart glasses
  • Wristband
  • Smart shoes

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