What is tinyOS

TinyOS is an open source operating system used for wireless devices. This operating system (OS) is small in size and consumes low memory. The application programs that run on TinyOS are also small in size as compared to normal OS. Another feature of TinyOS is that it is made for some specific device. Normal OS is multithreaded and consumes high voltage of computer. But tinyOS consumes low battery. Normal OS that we use in our computer supports all available devices and has the large source code. But TinyOS has the small source code and it is written in nesC language. nesC is a computer language derived from C language. nesC has a separate compiler.

TinyOS and its applications
TinyOS and its applications

TinyOS does not support multithreaded applications because it has low computation power. Main components of TinyOS are tasks, events, commands, and data. Data is getting from the outside environment. For example in the smoke detection device, when smoke is detected then sensor of the device creates event and information about that event is data. Then the command is made which splits water or any chemical which stops smoke or fire.

Applications of tinyOS

Many applications of TinyOS are there that we see in our daily life. Some of the examples of devices that use tinyOS are below:-

  • Smoke detection device
  • Used in military activities
  • Temperature control like AC in the room or in car
  • Security system in the bank
  • Resource monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Industrial measurement
  • Supports Bluetooth devices
  • Used in a microwave oven
  • Used in agriculture for detecting fault crop

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