What are advantages and disadvantages of real time operating systems

Real time operating system structure

Today I am going to tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of using real time operating system. This is a type of RTOS tutorial. First of all we have to know what exactly an operating system do. What ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of time sharing operating system

Task scheduling

What is time sharing operating system? A time sharing operating system is that in which each task is given some time to execute and all tasks are given time so that all processes run seamlessly without any problem. Suppose there ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of multi user operating system

What is multi user operating system

A multi user operating system is that which handles and controls multiple users attached to a single computer. There are many benefits and disadvantages of multi user operating system that we will discuss. Advantages of multi user operating system: Printing ...

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Difference between Samsung Galaxy s4 and s5

comparison between samsung galaxy s4 and s5

Samsung galaxy series get valid feedback from the buyers and it tends to sale out widely with every release of its new versions. Galaxy s3 get more sales than any other phone. But galaxy s4 and s5 have tremendous features ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of online processing systems

Online processing system

Online processing systems are used all over the internet nowadays. Small to enterprise web based and desktop applications use online processing for their customers. For example when we purchase something on internet then it is handled by online processing systems. ...

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Microsoft announces Cortana as competitor to Apple

windows cortana is better than siri

Microsoft is coming to mobile world after success of Apple and Samsung mobiles. The invention of some of latest technology insist mobiles to sell with more numbers. Microsoft release 8.1 version for windows phone so now all new smartphones comes ...

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Difference between batch and online processing systems

Online processing system vs batch processing system

Online processing is very effective these days. If we compare with batch processing system than online systems are expensive. Batch processing work in batches and then jobs is divided into sub jobs and then processed so it don’t need lot ...

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How to embed or insert dailymotion video in blogger and wordpress

Embed dailymotion video

Dailymotion is very popular website for video sharing. After ban of youtube from various countries most of users of youtube shifted to dailymotion. Today I am going to tell you how you can embed/insert/add dailymotion video in your blog. Embed ...

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Tools used for Facebook and using Google dictionary on browser – Urdu-Hindi video tutorial

Facebook Tools and google dictionary

Facebook is the one of largest used social networking site on internet. Many users of Facebook keep in touch with Facebook all the day. In this video I will discuss following things:- Invite all friends to event Add all friends ...

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Top 10 tools for using twitter in better way

Twitter beneficial tools

Twitter is the most interesting website on internet. Most of people get interest in twitter by following interesting people and renowned personalities. Twitter is improving the features in it. Last time while using twitter it is noted to have animation ...

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