What is computer network

A computer network is a type of connection between two or more computers. After networking computers, they share resources, data and internet connections with each other.

A computer network is either a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). A local area network is made within a building meaning computers within one building are connected to each other. In a wide area network, computers within the city or all over the world are connected to each other.

The first computer network was built in 1960 which uses packet switching. The first wide area network was built in 1969 by ARPANET.

Benefits of computer network

Some benefits of computer networks are:-


As all the computers share resources with each other it saves cost. Suppose one server computer is attached to other client computers. Now server computer has more storage and speed. So other client computers can use server computer storage.

Internet sharing:

There is a feature of a hotspot in networking in which one mobile or computer shares its internet with other computers or mobiles. So every computer doesn’t need to buy separate internet.

Sharing of work:

If some computers are networked together. Now if one computer in the network has more work to be done i.e. more processing is needed. So it can transfer his work to the neighbour’s computer which can complete the work and send it back to the neighbour’s computer.

Better performance:

All the computers in the network are controlled by one administrator computer. The administrator computer can manage all the resources in the network and do transfers of work (load balancing). So the performance of all the computers in the work becomes better.

Cloud-based networking:

The cloud-based network is also a type of computer network in which all the computers are connected through the internet. Multiple computers in the cloud-based network have high storage. All the client’s computers store their data on the cloud computers. More space can be added to cloud computers making it bigger when needed.

Expanding network:

More computers can be added to the network easily. The new computers added to the network don’t need too much configuration for networking.

Sharing hardware:

Hardware devices like printers, hard drives, and scanners can be shared with all the computers connected to the work.

Communicate with others:

People can communicate with each other through audio and video chat. Communicating via email is also done with computer networking.

Can use VPNs:

VPN is a virtual private network used to securely browse the internet. VPN is also a feature of a computer network by which computers connect securely to the internet. VPN also hides the user’s identity.

Buying and selling:

Computers connect via the Internet and they can sell and buy different products online. People can buy and sell different items like beauty items, groceries, mobiles etc.

Playing games online:

Kids can play games online and chat with other players in the game. Computers and mobiles connect to the internet and players can network with each other and play games with their friends.

Better decision-making:

People can connect to the network and check real-time stats of their business. They can make better business decisions and promote their business by using computer/mobile.

Used in hospitals:

Doctors use computers to check patient records and also talk to the patient that is connected to the doctor’s computer.

Better Virus protection:

As most of the data is stored on the server computer, it is easy to install anti-virus software on the server computer. Client computers can also install anti-virus software by sharing licensing from the server.

Used for studies:

Students can take online classes through computer networking. Teachers upload video lectures on the internet and students can get access to the video lectures through online networking.

Updating of software:

Administrators in the network can force software updates to all the connected computers. The client computers don’t need to do anything as the admin in the network can do it.

Examples of computer network

Some examples of computer networks are:-

  • Wide area network (WAN)
  • Local area network (LAN)
  • Storage area network (SAN)
  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Metropolitan area network (MAN)
  • Personal area network (PAN)
  • Social media networks

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