Operating system is developed to ease people daily life. For user benefits and needs the operating system may be single user or distributed. In distributed systems, many computers connected to each other and share their resources with each other. There are some advantages and disadvantages of distributed operating system that we will discuss.

Examples of distributed operating system

Distributed operating system

Advantages of distributed operating systems:-

  • Give more performance than single system
  • If one pc in distributed system malfunction or corrupts then other node or pc will take care of
  • More resources can be added easily
  • Resources like printers can be shared on multiple pc’s

Disadvantages of distributed operating systems:-

  • Security problem due to sharing
  • Some messages can be lost in the network system
  • Bandwidth is another problem if there is large data then all network wires to be replaced which tends to become expensive
  • Overloading is another problem in distributed operating systems
  • If there is a database connected on local system and many users accessing that database through remote or distributed way then performance become slow
  • The databases in network operating is difficult to administrate then single user system

Examples of distributed operating systems:-

  • Windows server 2003
  • Windows server 2008
  • Windows server 2012
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux (Apache Server)