Hi guys. Today i will discuss about MVC. MVC stands for model, view and controller.

Model View Controller(MVC)

Model View Controller(MVC)

Nowadays the website developers are making large web applications and managing files and text is difficult in old mattern. Now to handle requests of big applications we need some systematic way.

Mvc(Model View Controller) is evolved from problems faced in daily development of web applications. I am discussing each of these words(mvc) as below:-

Model: Model handles the business logic of the application. By business logic we mean we are handling some database interaction in model. We usually create a folder with name model and insert all the files related to database interaction in model folder.

View: View is where our presentation comes into play. For example how the page looks like is handled in view. Suppose we create index.html and insert some stylesheet and html in it. Now this index.html is included in view folder.

Controller: Controller acts as a bridge between model and view. If the view needs any database data then it consults controller to get data from model or it directly send requests to model. Also some data is passed from controller to view i.e different requests.

In short MVC is used in all latest frameworks like zend, cakephp etc and the concept is same as i discussed. So now its time to go now. Take care and keep in touch.

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