Both python and PHP are programming languages. Python is a general-purpose programming language while PHP is specially made for web development works. Php is used to write back end code of the website and it works with html5, and javascript to display information on the front end of the website.

If you want to become a full-stack programmer then you have to learn both front end and backend languages. Front end languages include html5, css3, javascript, reactjs, and some frameworks like bootstrap. Also, you must have good knowledge of databases like MySQL, Mongo DB, SQL server, and oracle. And for backend, you can choose any of PHP or python.

Python was released in 1991 and created by Guido van Rossum. Php was released in 1994 and created by Rasmus Lerdorf.

Python vs Php

Now let me discuss about comparison between python and PHP.

Python vs Php


Syntax of Python is like the English language and is easy to read. Reading code in PHP is a little bit difficult due to the naming convention used.


Python is easy to manage while PHP is difficult to manage.


Python is easy and is best for long term projects. PHP is also easy to learn.

Field usage

Python is used in machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation tasks, and data science. Php is mostly used for web development.

Which is popular

For last few years python popularity is increasing as compared to PHP.

Web hosting

Python has costly web hosting while PHP websites has low cost web hosting.


Python is more secure while PHP is less secured.


The salary of python developers in the U.S is approx. $122k per year while PHP developer salary in the U.S is approx. $63k per year.

Community support

Python has increased in community support than before. Php has wider community support.


Python is dynamic in nature, rapidly deployed, and uses less code. Php is open source and is easily deployed.


Python has few frameworks including Django, Flask. Php has many frameworks including Codeignitor, Laravel, and Slim.

Which company using

Python is used by Google, Instagram, Uber, Mozilla, Pinterest. Php is used by Viber, Facebook, WordPress, Hootsuite, Appcelerator

Language type

Python is a general-purpose language while PHP is only made for web development.


If you have more time to learn then I suggest you learn both Python and PHP. Python has more job demands than PHP. If you want to work only in web development then I suggest you go for PHP. Python is not good at web development. It is good if you also learn front end development whether you choose python or PHP.

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