Difference between wamp, lamp and xampp

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Hello all. Today i will discuss about the difference between wamp, lamp and xampp. All these three are used for serving php websites and acts as the local server so that you can see your working website without uploading it first.

Lets first discuss about wamp.


wamp stands for windows, apache, mysql, php.

The best advantage of using wamp is that it is easy to setup configuration in wamp. But when i started using wamp, some times i faced problems while running php code , may be it was my coding problem but what else. Mostly people talk that wamp is not good for beginner but i say that wamp is very easy to use and it is best for both beginner and advanced users.

Now lets discuss about xampp.


xampp stands for x-os, apache, mysql, php , perl. x-os means it can be used for any operating system. xampp is easy to use than wamp. Its cpanel is very nice and good for beginner and its start, pause and stop button work very nicely by functionality. You can add other services to xampp also. I personally use xampp for my development.

Last thing is lamp. Lets discuss what is lamp.


lamp stands for linux, apache, mysql, php. Its functionality is same as wamp and xampp. I want to tell you one thing that the main functionality of all these three(wamp, xampp, lamp) are same i.e compile and run the php code, manage databases and other stuff. All these softwares give us ease in our development so that the complexity of handling all the services(databases handling, code manipulation) becomes easy for us.

Its time for me to end this topic so tc and have a good time. Bye…

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  1. thank you for this…. i/we all are beginner and really we need this type of knowledge…. and at last thank you again….

  2. Thanks for this well explained article. Very direct to the point. Now I understand the differences and the similarities in function. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, i’m a beginner and i have been working with wamp for three months, but recently i have been having series of problem with it.

    1. I think you have to new updated version of wamp. I had some problems with xampp and now i use wamp. Not having any problem with wamp still now.

    1. all of this above it depend of the user and it depend of your project.. wamp, xampp and appserve it is windows platform and only lamp is linux. it depend of what database size you upload. 😀

    1. dear the IT development companies use same packages as wamp, xampp, lamp or any other packages… this depend upon their selection but different companies use different packages as of their mood… no package is specific that all the companies use same package(wamp, lamp or xampp)… you can also use any of them which you like….

  4. mark zuckerberg use lamp it depend to you. for me in my college days i used xampp but since im 2nd year college i used appserve but the differnce is the size of file you upload.. but i think most powerful are lamp but like i said it depend to you