Steps to improve alexa ranking

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Alexa is most widely used website to determine the ranking of website. The value of website is better counted with alexa. Alexa also gives toolbar that you can install in your browser e.g in IE and Firefox to get the ranking of websites.

Alexa Ranking
Alexa Ranking

These are few steps you can improve your alexa ranking:-

  1. Place alexa widget on your blog.
  2. Use alexa redirect url for example
  3. Use alexa toolbar in your browser and visit daily your website or blog. You can download alexa toolbar for IE, firefox and google chrome.
  4. Ask your friend or colleagues to give reviews about your website on alexa site.
  5. Use Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit to share your post.
  6. Use facebook, twitter to market your posts of website.
  7. Post frequently on your website so that alexa rank you higher.
  8. Write about alexa in your website so that you may get back links from alexa.

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