Most companies are using windows 7 in all their pc and they say that they have no problem in it. The nice interface of windows 7 has attracted most of the users. In 2011 it is estimated that 42% of users use windows 7 on their pc. One the reasons may be there are now little drivers needed to install most of the hardware as it is already built in windows 7. Linux is only installed on 2-4% of machines.

windows-7 users

windows-7 users

In Asian countries windows 7 is used in high quantity. Here are some of features that windows 7 have which increase the number of users:-

  • A good support for themes is available and many options to change background, color, pointers, themes
  • Switching between themes is easy
  • There are theme categories from where you can choose your themes for example Architecture, Nature etc.
  • Each of theme include background image of 1920×1200 size
  • Nice desktop slideshow with shading effects which change the background images of desktop
  • Sidebar is removed and gadgets are still placed on desktop
  • More privacy is established for user accounts

About 90-92% new computer users are installing windows 7. This shows that windows is more popular than iphone or ipads. I know that apple has become number one technology valuable company but it is looking impossible to put behind Microsoft in windows product. Chrome os has to struggle very hard to compete with windows. Windows is the king for pc operating system nowadays and it is very friendly.

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