Why computer professional lives in stress environment

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Working from 9 to 6 is some time very tough to accomplish. Some time you get a boss who is very strict with you and he always keep an eye on your each minute task. In research it is noted that the people who works in high level get less stress then the people working in low level. You can take the example of typist who get only little time for smoking or other activities in office and who has to very closely watch the monitor all the day to type correctly. Some people say that in high level jobs people get good salary and they are much satisfied and happy to work.

stress for computer professional
stress for computer professional

There is also a control thing. If someone is controlling your activities and you get little guidance then you feel more comfortable in your job. While the person which have more authority and have no control have higher chance to get heart diseases. In offices it is also noted that some people dislike you. The person whom you help in joining the office tries to pull you out of the office. Some people dislike you in the office and blame your activities to the manager. There is also other issue of learning some computer skills at the age of 40-60. Such computer professional get stressed in learning new techniques like new languages and software.

Education is also problem that is considered in doing jobs. If you have low education and the environment in which you work needs some good education then it also creates problem for you to succeed. The easiest solution to solve all these problems is that you have to make your own environment and try to do work in more comfortable way.

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