Lcd stands for liquid crystal display and led stands for light emitting diodes. Both lcd and led are new technology than CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors. The disadvantage of CRT monitors is that it occupies large space and consumes too much power as compared to lcd and led. CRT monitors are also difficult to carry on from one place to another because of heavy weight and these monitors also not look as stylish than lcd or led. Now the question arises that whether to choose lcd or led. So I am making a brief comparison and salient differences between led and lcd so that you can later on choose one of these for your home or office use.

samsung led

samsung led


Led have the following features:-

  • Use emitting diodes at back for displaying anything on screen.
  • Better quality picture than lcd.
  • You can watch the screen clear by viewing from any angle.
  • Led has good contrast and is very close to natural view of picture.
  • Thin than lcd.
  • Three types of led are in market i.e RGB dynamic led, edge led and full array led. Edge led is thinner than the RGB dynamic led.
  • Less power consumption than lcd
  • Best for economic person who want to save energy bills and who uses computer for long time in a day.
  • High price than lcd as it contain more features and is also new technology.
  • Better display of black areas.
  • Comes in 17-70 inch size.
  • Very good response rate and picture refreshes more rapidly than lcd.
  • You will have good experience in watching movies, playing games because the picture quality is far better than lcd and you will have natural color experience.
  • Led lifespan is more than lcd.
  • Led don’t use mercury in its production so it is more safe than lcd.
lcd vs led

lcd vs led


Lcd have following differences than led:-

  • Use cold cathode fluorescent lamps for displaying picture.
  • Better in picture quality than CRT monitors and less quality than led.
  • In lcd monitors you have to keep an angle at straight or at 30 degree in front of monitor to see it. If you want to see the lcd display at little far distance or from different angles then the picture will not be clear and you should see darkness on screen.
  • Lcd has bad contrast than led and original color as you see in nature will not be accurately displayed.
  • Thicker than led.
  • More power consumption than led but less power consumption than CRT monitors.
  • Low cost than led.
  • Dark areas are not displayed prominent.
  • Comes in 15-65 inch size.
  • Bad response rate and picture refreshes slow than led.
  • Contrast ratio of lcd is bad than Led monitors.
  • Lcd have not best result for playing games or watching movies as compared to led.
  • Lcd lifespan is less than led.
  • Mercury is used in lcd manufacturing and so it is good for environment.

So now it is up to you that what technology you want to use. Now you know what is the differences between lcd and led. Some people have said that eyes are more comfortable with lcd and led but I have recently bought led and I am feeling difficulty in viewing led screen for long time. Before buying led I was using CRT monitor and I sit in front of CRT monitor for long time without any difficulty in eyes. May be I have to adjust some brightness of screen on led.

There is also a point to keep in mind that led comes in different width and height as compared to same size of lcd, so you have to first see the samples of screen from google. I have a bad luck that the led I bought has very high width and low height and I am now thinking that I had to buy a size of high height and lower width than my current led. So do some research on internet and also talk with your friends and see what they are using. Currently lcd price is low than led and you can also see other difference in the above text as I have mentioned.

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