There are many ups and downs in your life. All the people do the job for their livings. But there comes some time moments when the person wants to quit his regular job. Here are some of the reasons why to quit your regular job:-

  • You are not getting the respect as you deserve for your work.
  • Your colleagues making fun of you.
  • You’re learning stops at some point and further improvement not looking to come.
  • Salary is not sufficient to excel your needs.
  • Your boss is insulting you without any reason.
  • You are not getting any reward and bonuses for your good work.
  • Company is going down and they are firing people.
  • You find good opportunity in some other place.
  • You want to start your own business.
Quit a job

Quit a job

I suggest you to not leave job before 1 year. You have to do your job at least for 1 year in a company. After 1 year if you find good opportunity in another office then go for it else remains in your company. Don’t left the job before you are confirmed that you are hired in another office.

If you change your company very often then you are losing your confidence in doing a job and you will not like any company. Try to stay in one company and do your work with good spirit. You will get more respect when you stay more time in one company and automatically your level and grade becomes higher.

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