Nowadays companies find 8 out of 10 candidates through social media. As you know 600 million people are using facebook. People at their home are mostly in touch with social media sites all the day. Linkedin is also an important site for the company to find the best candidate for a job opening.

Recruiting a job

So the recruiters use social media for the following reasons:-

  • Company gets publicized by posting job on social media. More and more people get to know the company and it may get future contacts for the company.
  • It is cheap for recruiter to post a job on social media like linkedin, facebook and twitter. So the expenses of company can be decreased by such action. Company can utilized the saved money in their projects.
  • It is easy to fire a candidate. As the company has not spend much money in job posting so it is easy for the company to fire the candidate after testing his skills for some days. But that happens very less as mostly the company first takes written and practical test that can evaluate the right candidate.

So recruiters find that candidates also which apply to jobs through newspapers or job portal. Linkedin is top website which is used by recruiter to find the candidate.

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