Most of the companies or individuals make their websites to get income from it. One type of website is that which sales its products and other type is that which place ads on their site and get income. So companies get monthly charges for placing ads on their site while other companies use ads of some good companies like Google.  Google has a service called Google adsense and you have to add a website to Google adsense account so that your website get approved and then you have to place specific code on your site so that Google ads appear on your site.

Facebook is very popular social networking site and it is at second number on alexa rank and off course Google is at number 1. Facebook is also providing ads services on user profile. When the user of Facebook uses Facebook then on sidebar there appears some ads which are called Facebook ads.

Now let me give you some differences between Google advertising and Facebook ads and tell you which is better:-

Number of ads Units:

Google provides large number of ads units as compare to Facebook. In Facebook you can only place ads in specific places while Google ads can be placed on any place of website. Suppose some ad company want to place ad unit as a banner on top of website and some company want to place ad in the footer that can be easily achieved by Google but not by Facebook ads service.

Competition of ads

Google has high competition of ads as compared to Facebook. So that is why Google ads are costly than Facebook ads.


Google has high CPM than Facebook. That mean cost per click is high in Google.

Identification of users

Facebook has very good tools for identifying user e.g. age, sex, location, interests. While Google have less chances to identify user.


Facebook has the option of getting likes on pages which increases the business of the company while Google has not that type of facility.


Google consider keywords while purchasing ads. Popular keyword has more ad price than relatively low popular keyword. Facebook has no facility of keywords.


Google is good for popular products but Facebook is best for related low popular products. For example with likes on pages unknown products get introduced to new customers on Facebook.

Participation to event

If some company want invite people to some event then Google is not good at that so Facebook comes in handy is such situation.

The net income of Facebook is decreasing from early 2011 till 2012. So hope you yourself get an idea which company ad is better than other.

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