Data analyst demand is high in future

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Data analyst is a person who collects raw data and extracts useful information from it using different software tools and techniques like data mining. In the developed countries, different organization get large amount of data by seminars, email newsletter, marketing. These types of data become so huge that it is not possible for normal individual to extract useful information from it. So organizations hire data analysts for filtering there raw data. The selection of data analyst depends upon his experience, expertise and education. The data analyst has usually bachelor degree in statistics or computer science. Data analysis involves complex mathematical calculations which are mostly handled by different software.

Data Analyst Demand
Data Analyst Demand

In under developed countries data analyst has also good demand in big organization. I am talking about the organizations which frequently do surveys. Suppose some company want to launch a new product or restaurant then the company has to know the interest of people in that area. So they hire staff to go to all the people houses or by online surveys and gather data from people. When the data comes then the company hire data analyst for few months or on weekly basis. The data analyst work mostly for 40 hours per week. Sometimes if the company needs output in hurry then data analyst has to work on weekend also. Data analyst also tells about the future trends which are very important.

Data analyst can also work from home by keeping in touch with the organization online. In future data analyst has good demand in the market as more and more companies are making there products and they have to collect and filter their data.

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