When a visitor visits your site then the first impact the visitor gets from your website is that how your site is designed. If you have designed your site nicer than people revisits your site and has nicer time browsing your site. So today I tell you how you can make your web design better. Follow the below steps:-

  • Use latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Especially CSS3 has many advanced features which gives your site a look which you want.
  • If you want to put slider then use jquery for this. You can also make good look of your menu and validation of contact form through jquery.
  • Good programming knowledge like command of server side language like php.
  • Use good color variation like white background and black text.
  • Use repeating background where necessary. It decrease load time of your site.
  • Make sitemap of your site so that search engine bots can easily navigate through your site. Place sitemap.xml in root directory. Also show sitemap visible on your site so that users get direction about how your pages are organized.
  • Sometime caching is nice but if your website contains images regularly updated then set expiration time for catching.
  • Flash gives very attraction to your site. So use it where necessary.
  • Always try to design a website with new idea.
  • On internet you will find a picture of different color variations. Print that picture and pin it near your pc.
  • Get inspiration from world around you like look designs in newspaper, ads on TV and other websites already running on the internet.
  • Don’t use lot of color variation in your website. For example if you use yellow then use other variation of yellow and green.
  • Learn about color theory.
  • Use JPEG instead png where necessary.
  • Logo and header image gives first impact of your website on visitors so make it nicer.
  • If your website is popular then place an introductory video in the main page which gives important features of website to visitors.
  • Create different states for each button. For example when a button is clicked then it looks that it is clicked. You can achieve this by CSS3.
  • Make a website design which is responsive mean it opens in all browsers and fits in all screen sizes.

Also read books about web design in your extra time and get ideas from different designs already made by the experts. Soon you will also design better website.

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