We use Google search everyday but we don’t know advanced techniques which we can use to make our search results better and precise. If you use Google search without these techniques then you waste lot of your time in searching and not find what you are looking for.

Advanced Google Search Techniques

Advanced Google Search Techniques

So in the remaining text below I give you all the advanced techniques that you can use you make your search better. First open Google.com.

  1. For finding variation of keywords use ~ in front of your keyword.
    For example:  ~ food.
  2. If you put – in front of keyword then it will exclude it from other search terms.
    For example:  Samsung – laptop
  3. For finding the link of websites that point to your site then use link: in front of your site link.
    For example:  link:w3schools.com
  4. Use double quotes around a word or some words and it will give results which contain these words.
    For example:  “mac laptop”
  5. For finding at least one word of your few words in search use OR operator. Note it is case sensitive so keep it in capital.
    For example:  mac OR Samsung OR laptop
  6. If you want to find a website which has related content like your site then use related: in front of your site url.
    For example:  related:w3schools.com
  7. For finding any file containing keywords use filetype:docx after your keyword.
    For example:  computer tips filetype:docx
    You can also change docx to ppt, pdf or zip.
  8. If you want to find url of any website in any other site then use + sign like in example below.
    For example:  “+www.w3schools+com”
  9. Use allintext: to find keyword in the content of page.
    For example:  allintext:Samsung galaxy tablet
  10. If any website is down and you want to find that website cached by Google then use cache:
    For example:  cache:w3schools.com
  11. For finding keyword in title of link use allintitle:
    For example:  allintitle:computer tips
  12. You can also filter keywords in cached site.
    For example:  cache:w3schools.com php
  13. Inurl: is used to find keywords in the url.
    For example:  inurl:php online training
  14. You can also search stock rate of any company by using stocks:
    For example:  stocks:Microsoft
  15. If you want to find the information about any link then use info:
    For example:  info:w3schools.com
  16. If you want to find results of any keywords in only one specific website then use site:
    For example:  tablet site:itrelease.com
  17. For finding definition of word use define:
    For example:  define:computer
  18. If you want to exclude a website from results then use –site:
    For example:  php tutorial –site:w3schools.com

If you follow tips I discussed above then you will save lot of your time in searching. Google is mother of all search engines and knowing these tips will change the way you use it.

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