Linkedin was born in 2002 and launched in 2003. It is the most popular social network site for professionals. You can find any person you want to hire on linkedin. If you have lot of contacts on linkedin then you will be directly or indirectly have connection with millions of people. So the question arises that how can I do marketing on linkedin and get profit from it. First of all if you have gmail account for example then you can import your gmail account to linkedin site. Your friends will accept your offer and get in contact with you on linkedin. Create your profile which is attractive for others. You have to fill in your profile about your current job, previous job and your skills. You can also tell about your company and can give links of your websites. Suppose you have 500 connections on linkedin as I have. When you visit linkedin you will find status update text box where you can update your status just like in facebook. Remember that you have to select connections in drop down list so that your status will go to all your connections or contacts.

Linkedin marketing

Linkedin marketing

If you want to introduce your product to your contacts then just update the status with link of your project and with some nice text. Another way to do marketing is to comment on other contacts status and try to keep in contact with them. For example if any of your contact post a status and is looking for some help then you can help him and tell him to check your link for more details. While doing so your contact with keep interacting with you and you have built a new relationship that you can later on use for your marketing purpose.

Also you can endorse other contacts for their skills and in response your contact may also endorse you for your skills also. If many people liked your skills that mean your profile is more solid. Linkedin profile is also searched through search engine and so have broad list of people seeing your profile and contacting you for their work.

I have also joined some popular groups on linkedin and I also involve in conversation with the group. You can advertise your business on the groups also. If suppose the group has more than 1000 members then your message will be send to all the people. And your business will be introduced to lot of audience. But remember that you have to not do spamming in the group and start posting your links without any purpose. First you have to start a conversation and interact with the people about your business and later on you can give link of your site.

The more you answers questions in the group then more people will know about you and your business. People will view your profile to let know about you and also visit your links. Remember that if any person from linkedin contact with you then you have to communicate with him nicely through messages and build his confidence on you. You can also send invitation for contact to other members who are friends with your contacts. This will increase more chances for broadcasting your business on linkedin.

Final Thoughts:-

Linkedin is the only big site where professionals from all over the world communicate. So you have to use of power of linkedin for your marketing. This is a type of free marketing and you have to do this on regular basis. Build your confidence on linkedin and you will get good reward from it.

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