Making a successful business online is not an easy task. But some people do it so nicely and make some websites and give it value and sell it. I don’t say you are one of them. May be you have not enough time to manage your website or online business and you want to transfer it to someone and get some bucks from it.

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There are some factors you have to know before selling your blog or website:-

How much traffic you are getting:-

First you have to know that how much traffic your site is generating and is it increasing day by day or decreasing. If your website is getting good traffic and users stay most of time on your site then your website has good value in the market.

How to know the cost of website:-

A simple formula for calculating the value of website is to first know your last yearly income of your site. Suppose your website has earned $10,000 in last year then the value of website will be $10,000 or multiple of 3. So your website value is in between $10,000 to $30,000.

Are you using original content and tools for your website:-

If your website contains duplicate content from other sites then the value of site decreases. Also if you are using any tools or software for your site then is that copyright protected. Don’t ever use content of other sites, if you are already using it then you have to tell the buyer about it.

Is your website contains google adsense:-

A website with google adsense enabled on it have double value to those which don’t have adsense in it.

Where to sell your site:-

There are many sites which sell other people sites. A few popular of these sites are:-


So you can check these sites to sell your blog and website. You have to first calculate your website value and if you have trouble in calculating it then you can hire some broker who has experience in this type of work.

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