Today i come up with a new video tutorial. In this video i explain you how you can set up php website in dreamweaver. First you have to run xampp and start apache in xampp. Watch the video below.

Setting  up a website in dreamweaver is easy and if you remember the steps in the video then you can easily setup site in dreamweaver. Note the step where i unchecked remote and checked testing. This is important because our site is hosted on same computer and not on any remote computer. So you have practice it two or three times so that you can remember the steps.  I have also made a simple test.php file in which i just used one line of php code. Try to understand the coding i have used in the test.php and if you dont understand then don’t worry, i will explain it in next video. In the future videos i will explain about how to write php coding. We will also discuss other aspects of php coding.

If you feel any issue following the video then let me know in the comments.

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