I have made four part videos in which I will make contact form. This form uses no image and is fully made by css, html and php. I have made this video tutorial in urdu and hindi language so that users can easily understand it.

Developing contact form - Php Urdu Tutorial Video

How to make contact form in php

The tools I have used are:-

  1. Dreamweaver (For editing)
  2. Chrome (For testing)
  3. My website (For testing email function)
  4. Gmail for getting email from contact form
  5. border-radius.com for getting css of border radius
  6. colorzilla.com/gradient-editor for creating css button

In first part of video I have done the html part of contact form. I have created a container div in which I have placed form and one heading.

In second and third part of videos I have done css of the contact form. I have not used any image so that the page loads fast in the browser. The css I have used is compatible for all popular browsers.

In fourth and last part of video I have write the php coding. In php coding I have used isset(), mail(), if statement and other coding.

This contact form has very nice designing and it also tells the visitor whether the email sending is failed or successful. I have used capcha in the contact form for avoiding spamming.  You can also download the code of this tutorial.

So below are the four videos that I make to create contact from:-

Php urdu tutorial video of contact form-1


Php urdu tutorial video of contact form-2


Php urdu tutorial video of contact form-3


Php urdu tutorial video of contact form-4

Download Code

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