WordPress (short for wp) come into existence in 2005 when a programmer left job from Cnet network and working for his own company named Automattic. The name of the person who founded WordPress is Matthew Mullenweg and belongs to Houston. He is a sharp man and have lot of ideas in his mind to make a new world. He has now made his name in the list of World most influence person on internet.

Matt Mullenweg – Founder of wordpress

Matthew founded wp with his co-founder name Mike Little who has now made his own Wikipedia site. So the thing is that if you work hard and make your destination then nobody can stop you hanging in wall of success. The founder of Wp is not working on core of Wp these days too much but he is running his own company name Automattic. Automattic Company make a list of site which get more than billion visitors per month. If you are Wp spider then have not you listen about Wp stats? and other plugins made by automattic. Other popular and most widely used plugin of Wp is Akismet which tends to stop spamming in Wp. The plugin is still coded by Mullenweg. He got lot of interviews on Wp.tv and on other channels.

He is not an old man but a young man with full spirit in his mind and most of work done on Wp core is now managed and developed by Wp community. He now working as a consultant and to attend different seminars and interviews. Wp is the content management system which runs more than 18% sites on internet.

Categories of wordpress

There are two categories of Wp sites:-

  1. WordPress.com sites
  2. WordPress.org sites

Wp.com sites is hosted by Wp and no one can put ads like google adsense, infolinks and others. And Wp.org sites is hosted by third party and can be fully managed by the developer. You can put ads and whatever you like i.e. you have full control over WordPress.org sites.

To sum up Wp will keep live for many decades now as it has made his legs deep on internet. So the next step for you is to hook into Wp and make your next site in it. That will make your life easy and even more entertaining.

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