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‘wp’ is not recognized – Solved

WordPress is popular content management system. By using WordPress we can make blogs and custom websites. Millions of websites run on WordPress which includes popular blogs, eCommerce stores, travelling websites, and more. For developers wordpress provides command line interface which helps developers to create plugins, activate/deactivate plugins and themes and more common works. 'wp' is not recognized - Solved For using WordPress in the command line we use [...]

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Who is the founder of WordPress

Wordpress (short for wp) come into existence in 2005 when a programmer left job from Cnet network and working for his own company named Automattic. The name of the person who founded Wordpress is Matthew Mullenweg and belongs to Houston. He is a sharp man and have lot of ideas in his mind to make a new world. He has now made his name in the list of [...]

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Make url friendly links in wordpress

Do you know how to make url friendly links in wordpress. Its easy to do this. First login to your admin panel and go to Settings Panel in your dashboard on left side as shown in figure below. On settings panel there is link of Permalinks. Click on it. It will open Permalink Settings. Choose Month and name as shown in figure below. There [...]

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sample wordpress plugin file

In this post i will give you code of sample plugin file. The sample plugin file should contain plugin header in which you put plugin name and plugin url atleast. You can put GNU license in it also. The sample plugin file looks like this:- <?php /* Plugin Name: My Plugin Plugin URI: Description: A brief description of my plugin Version: 1.0 Author: Your [...]

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wordpress url functions

There are many url functions in wordpress which will tell you what is the address of different directories in wordpress. Let me discuss each of these:- plugins_url() gives you address of plugins directory. For example includes_url() gives you address of wp-includes directory. For example content_url() gives you address of wp-content directory. For example admin_url() gives you address of wp-admin directory. For example [...]

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Order posts randomly by query_vars[‘suppress_filters’] in wordpress

First of all i want to tell you why we use query_vars['suppress_filters']. suppress_filters is optional argument. When its value is set to false that means you disable the function from not using any filters on it's query. That mean any filter if applying to the query will be disabled and it gives you result in normal form. In the code below i want to display the [...]

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