Online processing systems are used all over the internet nowadays. Small to enterprise web based and desktop applications use online processing for their customers. For example when we purchase something on internet then it is handled by online processing systems.

Online processing system
Online processing system

So today I have going to tell some of advantage and disadvantages of these systems.

Advantages of online processing systems:-

  • Easy to use to do shopping online
  • These systems have quick response time
  • It is easy to use just form filling and your job get processed automatically by web and database servers
  • Online banks nowadays use online processing systems for money transactions
  • Usage of credit cards is also handled by these systems
  • You can access anything worldwide online and purchase it on the spot by bank wire transfer, credit cards, and online banks. All these systems are handled by online processing

Disadvantages of online processing systems:-

  • There occurs millions of requests to banks at a time which is difficult to handle
  • During purchases if servers hang out for few seconds then transactions get interrupted, so not good for big websites and organization and high traffic sites
  • All user data like credit card details, email addresses are kept on database servers so if website get hacked or data loosed then it creates problem. For example Linkedin website which get hacked and email and password get accessed by hackers and then displayed credential details of users on internet by hackers
  •  If any hardware failure occurs in online processing systems then visitors of website get in trouble and online transaction get stopped and effected
  • Electricity problem is another issue i.e. if electric supply get off so backup of generators and hardware devices in better
  • Online processing involves lot of staff to maintain inventory
  • There should be make some relation with banks so if any transaction problem occurs then banks handle it correctly
  • Transferring products to people physically is also another problem
  • Some issue also get involved during creation of new accounts by visitors

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