A multi user operating system is that which handles and controls multiple users attached to a single computer. There are many benefits and disadvantages of multi user operating system that we will discuss.

Advantages of multi user operating system:

  • Printing jobs in the office or library can be best handled by multi user operating system. Normal OS cannot do the same job as printing can be mismatched.
  • Each user can access same document on own pc. For example if one computer has a song or movie then other computers attached with it will play that song or movie on their pc also.
  • Airlines also use this system and ticket reservation is also done by this system.
  • Teachers and library staff also use multi user operating system for handling books and for searching books. The book record is stored in one computer and other terminals access to single resource to query the books.
  • If one computer in the network gets error then other computers not get affected and that system handle this efficiently.
What is multi user operating system
What is multi user operating system

Disadvantages of multi user operating system:

  • If you have computer that has private information then then sharing your computer with multiple users is dangerous.
  • If one computer get attacked by a virus then other computers also get suffered.
  • Your computer information will be shared to other users also.
  • Creating multiple accounts on single computer sometimes not fit to users so it is better to have multiple computers for each user.

If you don’t want to share some documents or folders with other users then you can password protect that files/folders.

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