Single user operating is that in which one user works on one interface. In these systems no other operating system is interrupting with the processing. Single user operating systems work on processing that require less resources. Today we will discuss some of advantages and disadvantages of these systems.

Single user OS
Single user OS

Advantages of single user operating system:

Supports one user at a time:-

In these systems one user is only active at a time. So there will be no other user interfering with the applications. And in these systems all computer resources are used by a user requests.

Easy to maintain:-

These systems uses less resources and complexity of them is less so it is easy to maintain and debug. In multi user operating system there are higher resources needed and resources are in use most of time.

Less chance to damage:-

These system includes less requests to hardware and software at a time so they have less chance to damage. These system not make higher load time also.

Concentrate on one task:-

In modern operating system there are running multiple tasks at a time. Like many applications and tasks are running at a time but in single user OS only one task run at a time. So these systems are sometimes give less output result at a time.

Disadvantages of single user operating system:

Tasks take longer time to complete:-

As you know if no multiple tasks run at a time then many tasks are waiting for the CPU. This will make system slow and response time is higher. So these systems response to processes at higher time.

Idle time is higher:-

If only one task is running and this task don’t require memory or I/O use then these devices remain idle.  But other tasks need those devices.So only one task run at a time then other tasks have to wait till first task is finished. So CPU, memory and disk I/O not used properly.

Examples of single user operating system:

There are some operating system examples like DOS, windows 3x, Windows 95, 97, 98. Also in mobile phone Symbian OS is single user OS.

These systems are also known are single application OS. As one application is concentrated at a time. These systems require less resources and can do processing in a queue. The recurring tasks are performed well in these systems. For example making payroll or salaries of employees.

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