Multiprogramming or multitasking operating systems are those which consumes CPU or ram efficiently. That mean the CPU keep all times busy and all tasks are given time. In these systems users get quick response time. But if there are many tasks running on the RAM then it stops loading more tasks and in that case hard drive will be used for storing some processes.

Advantages of multiprogramming systems

  • CPU is used most of time and never become idle
  • The system looks fast as all the tasks runs in parallel
  • Short time jobs are completed faster than long time jobs
  • Multiprogramming systems support multiply users
  • Resources are used nicely
  • Total read time taken to execute program/job decreases
  • Response time is shorter
  • In some applications multiple tasks are running and multiprogramming systems better handle these type of applications

Disadvantages of multiprogramming systems

  • It is difficult to program a system because of complicated schedule handling
  • Tracking all tasks/processes is sometimes difficult to handle
  • Due to high load of tasks, long time jobs have to wait long

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