Interactive systems are computers which accept input from humans. Human send commands or data to computers by typing or by any gestures. Examples are MS word or spreadsheet. An operating system which supports interactive behavior is known as interactive operating systems. Examples of interactive operating systems are Mac and Windows operating system.

Interactive operating systems can also get input from the graphical interface. To know more about graphical user interface check Advantages and disadvantages of graphical user interface.

To design interactive system, customer-oriented communication is used which involves media and collaborative process between technology and people. The aim of the interactive system is simplicity with unique goals and eye-catching interface. Interactive media plays an important role in designing interface. Interactive media includes text, animation, video, animated image and buttons, video games etc.

Advantages of interactive systems

  • It helps disabled people perform their tasks like iPad and other interactive devices used. For example, in latest home AC, disabled people can control the temperature of a room, check the voltage of AC, AC timer from mobile or tablet device.
  • Interactive systems are easy to use.
  • These systems are used in testing phase also like testing interface elements and before launching product all items can be checked accurately.
  • It is used in the medical field like cardiac device and different chips used in the body which sends signals to the computer screen.
  • Performs better in doing marketing than old marketing like TV, radio or newspaper. It gets an immediate response from the audience.
  • Also performs well in the promotional offer like we see on various websites. If a user performs some actions on the websites then a popup may appear to offer user discounted prices of products.
  • It helps business to make a long-term relationship between customers.
  • Interactive tools provide continuous support to customers in an easy way.
  • Getting feedback from the customer is also done with the interactive system, for example, online polls and surveys.
  • Giving rewards on more purchases is also done by interactive tools. On getting rewards customers feel more comfortable and it builds his interest and trust in the company.
  • Learning is part of every human and human continues his learning in his entire life. Now learning becomes easy in modern life. E-learning is a new way of learning which involves projectors, interactive screens, and presentations. The audience becomes interested in the class and they tend to be active and innovative. Audience response becomes higher in this type of presentation learning. Due to high audience response they not get bored and get their attention in focus. Communication becomes higher during the speech of speaker and more questions and answers are exchanged between audience and speaker. Due to interactive technology more realistic feedback is received from the audience. More interactive and visual items are used for audience training like interested videos, animated graphics, graphs which makes the training interested and meaningful.
  • Interactive systems are used for voice recognition and many tools are available in the market which performs well in this field.
  • The attractive portable software is available to be downloaded and use on the internet. These software work on internet and they perform by user input combined with web-based data.

Disadvantages of interactive systems

  • Interactive systems may cause extra noise pollution like recognizing the voice in public places.
  • These systems are easy to break and get scratched by touching interface.
  • Designing complex and nice graphical interactive systems are difficult and take longer time.
  • Nowadays some telephone systems are interactive and they record and recognize the voice. But it is difficult for old aged people to communicate with these systems. These systems are difficult to design and perform inaccurately.
  • Text to speech is another type of interactive system in which user interacts by inputting text. Some text cannot be converted as we pronounce it due to culture difference. The real-time text of the speech is difficult to understand and requires highly skilled people for voice over.
  • During receiving calls of customers, text to speech software needs to be accurate to respond and if the customer takes interest in product then guiding him to the accurate path is difficult to manage and may involve live representative to talk.
  • Automatic calls are also managed by interactive systems. Sometimes people are busy with their work and when receiving automatic calls make them insecure. These calls are made by company computers for campaigns which sometimes result in bad result.
  • Some interactive web-based software needs an internet connection to perform which limits access to the user. Sometimes web-based software needs to put information to the public which effects company business.
  • Some interactive software needs extra hardware and memory resources to perform well.
  • In interactive marketing, if a customer has already a product then he will just pass away without taking the interest.
  • Some interactive system cost higher due to its installation and setup, for example, interactive whiteboard. It also makes bad impact on user’s eyes. The content preparation for the interactive whiteboard is also tough.

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