What is batch processing

In batch processing data is processed in parts. This type of processing is done at the end of the day, week, or month. Batch processing is used in many places like printing utility bills, processing credit cards, processing group of images in Photoshop. In batch processing, all data is stored in a master file. Data in the master file is first sorted and then processed.

What is real-time processing

In real time processing data is processed live (at the same time). In this type of processing, the processor needs to be busy all the time. In air ticket reservation real-time processing is used. The ticket is booked online and processor checks whether this seat is already reserved or not.

Batch processing and real time processing diagram
Batch processing and real time processing diagram

Batch processing vs real-time processing

  • In real time processing processor needs to very responsive and active all the time.
  • In batch processing processor only needs to busy when work is assigned to it.
  • Real-time processing needs high computer architecture and high hardware specification.
  • Normal computer specification can also work with batch processing.
  • Time to complete the task is very critical in real-time
  • Completion time is not critical in batch processing.
  • Continuous work is done in real time processing like checking temperature and weather forecast.
  • Repeated processing occurs in real time processing.
  • Big and complex data is processed in batch processing.
  • Real-time processing occurs at busy hours also.
  • Batch processing can also be done in less busy hours.
  • Real-time processing is expensive.
  • Batch processing is cost effective.
  • Real-time processing is asynchronous in nature.
  • Auditing is complex in real time processing.
  • In batch processing auditing is easy.

Examples of batch processing

  • Clearing of checks
  • Transactions of credit cards
  • Generation of bills
  • Financial report generation
  • Processing of images in bulk
  • Processing of input and output in the operating system (os)

Examples of real-time processing

  • Reservation of tickets online
  • Live video processing
  • Processing in live event
  • Point of sales terminal (POS)
  • Online money transactions
  • Processing in the operating system (OS)
  • Bank ATM transactions
  • Customer services
  • Radar system
  • Weather forecasts
  • Temperature measurement

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