What is mini computer

Mini computers are small size computers which have one or two microprocessors attached to it. They are smaller than a mainframe and super computer. Some mini computers are more powerful than an average micro computer. Mini computers are light weight and you can put these computers in your bags or pockets easily.

Example of mini computer
Example of mini computer

There are many types of mini computers that are described below.

Types of mini computer

Tablet PC:

Apple iPad and Samsung tab are examples of tablet PCs. There are many companies which manufacture tablets. Some tablets have a physical keyboard attached to it also. You can also use Bluetooth keyboard with tablets. Tablets are the first type of mini computer. Normal tablets have 7 inch screen size and some have a 8-9 inch screen size as well. You can perform vast range of activities in it. They are touch screen and playing games on tablets are very entertaining and full of fun.


Apple iPhone, Samsung galaxy are examples of smartphones. They are also the type of mini computers. Smartphones are very common these days. First iPhone model was released on June 29, 2007. After the release of the iPhone, many companies start building touch screen mobiles (smartphones). Some of the popular companies that make smartphones are Apple, Samsung, HP, Huawei, Microsoft, Nokia and other companies also. Most of the smartphones come with the Android operating system. But there are other operating systems used in smartphones also like windows operating system used in Microsoft smartphones. Similarly, the iOS operating system is used in iphones.


The netbook is a small version of the normal laptop. They have a small screen and also the keyboard is smaller in size. A netbook can perform all tasks like a personal PC but due to small size, they have some limitations as well. They have low RAM and hard drive. Netbook has also less powerful CPU as compared to desktop PCs. But technology is improving every day and now netbook can also perform a wide range of tasks including photo editing, playing games, and other office works as well. They can also do multitasking. Example of the netbook is the iPad (Apple), Inspiron 1012 (Dell), HP mini 110 and many others.

Touch screen pads:

Touch screen pads are the type of devices which are used to make sketches and drawing. They are mostly used by graphic designers and for controlling a pointer on the screen. They are very handy while using software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


Apple iPod is an example of touch screen mp3 player. This is also the type of mini computer. iPod is a mini version of the iPhone.

Mini computers are small range computers (price $250 – $500) which are intermediate between micro computers and mainframe computers. Some of the mini computers are much faster in performance than micro computers.

Examples of mini computer

There are many examples of mini computers. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Apple iPad, Samsung tab
  • Inspiron 1012 (Dell), HP mini 110
  • Netbook
  • iPod
  • Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series

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