What is supercomputer

The supercomputer is a computer which has high performance than any other computer. The speed of a supercomputer is calculated in floating points operation per second i.e. FLOPS. The supercomputer can perform bigger tasks than a normal computer can do. These computers work on the basis of parallel processing. Thousands of microprocessors are attached to these computers and they complete any job by parallel processing. Each job is divided into multiple segments and every microprocessor do a segment of the job.

Supercomputer picture
Supercomputer picture

Supercomputers are very expensive in cost so smaller companies cannot afford it. They are only used for big projects. Supercomputers have a high capacity of RAM and storage.

Where is supercomputer used

Supercomputers are used in following areas:-

  • Weather forecasting
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Physical simulations
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Climate research
  • Molecular modeling

Price of supercomputer

Price of supercomputer varies depending upon how much floating point calculations it can perform. Normal supercomputer costs you about $20,000. But larger supercomputer costs about $300 million. Pratyush (Cray XC40) is the fastest supercomputer in India. China has the fastest supercomputer in the world.

Benefits of supercomputer

Supercomputer are used by many big companies like IBM, Paypal etc. These computers help to prevent frauds in online transactions. Many automobiles companies use these computers to check fuel consumption and design manufacturing. Supercomputers also help to research in medical field.

Examples of supercomputer

Some examples of supercomputer are below:-

  • Jaguar (China)
  • Nebulae (China)
  • Roadrunner (U.S)

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