Mini computers are small computer devices which can fit in our bags. They are smaller than normal computers that we use in our office. There are many types of mini computers. Some examples of mini computers are mini desktop PCs like Apple Mac Mini. Other examples are tablets and smartphones that you use in our daily life. Mini computers first came to market in 1960. Many companies start making these type of computers. Some companies which start manufacturing early mini computers include IBM and HP.

Picture of mini computer
Picture of mini computer

So let me discuss some of advantages and disadvantages of mini computers.

Advantages of mini computers

Easy to carry on:

If you often travel then minicomputer is best for you. It is lightweight to carry on with you. If you are traveling through airplane or bus, then you can do your common tasks in a minicomputer.

Best for productive people:

If you are a tech guy then the mini computer is a good choice for you. You can perform different tasks like working on word documents, browsing the internet, doing blogging, checking emails and working on Ms excel. For doing early tasks this type of computer is a good option. You can also use min computers while on bed or watching TV.

Low in price:

Due to the smaller in size, mini computers costs low. Average min computers cost you $250 to $500.

Longer battery life:

If you compare with a normal laptop then mini computers have longer battery timing. You can use the mini computer any place where you go for a longer period of time.

Taking notes in class:

For students, mini computers are very useful. Students can take their notes in the class and then can research on any topic.

Disadvantages of mini computers

No CD/DVD player:

If you have to use any data stored on a CD or DVD then it is not possible to do with the mini computer. Mini computers don’t have CD and DVD player attached to it.

Small screen:

Some people have eye problem so they can feel difficulty in using the small screen. Some software cannot run on low screen. This is another disadvantage of mini computer.

Low storage:

Mini computers don’t have a large amount of storage capacity. So you cannot store a big amount of data in it. Also, there is a low RAM.

Cannot use large software and games:

You cannot play high-resolution games on mini computers. Video editing is not possible in mini computers as well. Photoshop usage is also difficult on mini computers.

Small keyboard:

Due to small in size, mini computers have a small keyboard. If you have big hands then working on a small keyboard is difficult for you and typing becomes slow.

Operating systems with fewer features:

The operating system used in the mini computer has less features than a normal desktop PC. Operating system does not permit you to install some software and games.

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