There has been a lot of development going on in sound and speech in the computer world. Now you cannot judge about the voice of human and voice of the computer. Both voices look the same. Many fake people are mixing voice of others in original video or audio and making its own. Now it is possible that you can generate the voice of any human through the computer.

sound and speech interface

Sound of speech

But sound and speech are also used for good purposes. There are some tools available in which you can select a text on the webpage then that tool will speak that text for you. There are many mobile apps also available which gives its users the option to either read the text or the app can speak the words for you.

The process of converting text to speech works in a simple way. The text-to-speech converter has already sound associated with each word, letter, digits. So first it will check if there are any digits in the text. It will first create sound for all the digits and then check letters or words and so on. At the final stage, the tool combines all voices together to make one recording. Computer user feels that a real human is translating the text.

But sometimes the text-to-speech converter become limited in words and can pronounce words which are not accurate. In Windows operating system, there are many features which better use voice and speech. You can find the text to speech tool. Also, you can check your microphone by speaking from microphone about the text written on the screen. The operating system will automatically detect the style in which you speak words. You can perform different commands on the computer by speaking from the microphone.

As I have discussed before that you can send voice commands from your microphone to do any task in Windows. This technology is known as speech recognition. With speech recognition, you can write a long article without typing and just by speaking. If you correct any error in speech recognition software then next time the software will not make that mistake. It saves a lot of time and work can be completed 3 times faster than before. The software can save a lot of secretary work and it saves your money and you feel relax.

In the mobile world, sound and speech are also playing an important role. Most of the tasks are now completed by just sending voice commands. Speech recognition improves the efficiency of work by structuring your work. You can get the benefit of the inbuilt dictionary that auto-corrects the word that the user pronounces wrong. The interface of mobile apps is designed in such a way that user can perform his task of text-to-speech or speech-to-text fast.

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