Basics about the virtual private network (VPN)

The virtual private network gives you the security to connect with the internet. ISP (internet service provider) gives you access to the internet. ISP receives/sends your requests to the internet. Suppose you type in the chrome. Now that request is first sent to the ISP and then ISP request data from server and send to your chrome browser. Note that all the data sent between you and can be read by the ISP.

By using a VPN, the data is first encrypted and then transferred to ISP. ISP not directly sends a request to but to the VPN server. VPN server requests/receive data from and encrypts the data and sends back to ISP and then you.

VPN Service

Advantages of a virtual private network (VPN)

Below are some of the pros of VPN:-

Secure your sensitive data: If you are using the internet on public places through free Wi-Fi then hackers may leak your data. Sensitive data may include bank account details, credit card details, email credentials. If you use VPN then all the data is encrypted before transferring to the internet and your data becomes safe from hackers.

Downloading torrent: Some countries have restriction to access to torrent sites. Also, torrent sites may get your information like IP address, country and city details. So, in this case, VPN plays an important role by hiding your identity and give you access to a torrent site.

Hiding bandwidth from ISP: By using VPN you can trick internet service provider. ISP will not know which sites you are visiting and how much bandwidth you are consuming. This is because data is encrypted and not detected by your ISP.

Detecting Geolocation: Most websites use the geolocation feature to track user location and get user real IP. They use this information to license their products and they will not allow the products to be accessed in some countries. VPN changes your IP address and by-pass this identity layer and give you access to that website.

Buying online tickets: There is a variation in prices for buying airline tickets online. The ticket prices are a little higher for developed countries. You can use VPN of less developed countries and get a discount in price. Sometimes this trick not works because some websites store cookies in your browser when you first time visit the website. So it is good practice to clear your cache and then using a VPN.

Playing online games: By using a VPN, you can bypass geolocation and will not get banned from playing any game.

Bypass firewall: VPN bypass your computer firewall and give you access to websites that are blocked by the government.

Cost effective for companies: Some companies want to make the dedicated private network for their use and it is costly to make. So the companies buy VPN which has less cost and is more secure for their work. By using a VPN within the company, it can make a virtual LAN. So if the employee is not at the office can still access company data through a remote location.

Disadvantages of a virtual private network (VPN)

Below are some of the cons of VPN:-

VPN is sometimes costly: Due to high-quality service, some VPN’s are costly i.e. $12/month.  But normal VPN’s cost less than $5/month.

Data transfer over the internet becomes slow: If you use VPN over slow internet package then browsing websites becomes slow. This is because of routing web traffic from ISP to VPN and VPN to ISP. Due to the large distance, your internet connection becomes slow.

Not all devices support VPN: Some operating system and devices don’t have VPN software made. So they have to configure manually VPN connection. For example Linux, Boxee Box and Chromebook don’t have VPN software support. Also, some smartphones and gaming console have not to support for VPN software.

 Free VPN’s have security problem: If you use free VPN then your data can be given to third party companies. Also, free VPN is not good at making encryption and hackers may attack your device/computer easily. Moreover, you will get many ads on using free VPN’s. Some low cost or free VPN’s give you limited countries VPN’s and may frequent discounts you from the server.

Examples of a virtual private network (VPN)

Some examples of VPN are below:-

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Hotspot Shield
  • CyberGhost
  • TunnelBear
  • WindScribe
  • VyprVPN

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