In every type of organization, security plays an important role. The organization have to keep an eye on his important data. The concept of security management revolves around the protection of company data from unauthorized people. Nowadays every individual or company make his data stored electronically. Whether its bank, online store, airline or any other company. An organization trains his employees about how to be secure from hackers. An important thing organization do is install anti-virus software on every computer and protect 3rd party access by computer firewall. A firewall protects user computer from access of unauthorized apps.

Overview of security management

One key point about security management in an operating system is that you have to update your operating system and all the apps used in the operating system. Also, you must have the latest version of the operating system. And there is some mechanism by which your daily data is backup on some server. The administrator of the company has to save all daily data in a safe server. Also, there should be multiple backups on different servers. Company manager has to enforce employees to follow certain rules of data protection to avoid the risk of data loss.

One important thing to note is that if an employee is fired from the company then the manager has to instantly remove that user account from company computers so that he cannot make any damage to the company. If you are communicating with customers and suppliers often in a day then you have to make privacy on that part also e.g. you don’t have to give company private information to the customers and suppliers. Internal information is the assets of the company. The information should be categorized into different categories. Categories of information may be the public type which can be shared publically, also information may be confidential that is known to the owner and some high management of the company. And some information is private that is shared with the employees of the company.

Individuals have to also follow some security management rules e.g. if they are using smartphones or tablets then they have to also install anti-virus app on it. And individuals have to not install any 3rd party apps on their smartphones and tablets. If you are using an older version of the mobile operating system then it is time to update the operating system. In most of the areas, the internet is accessed through a wireless network. So you have to restrict wireless network with authentication and encryption so that unknown user cannot access the network.

In any type of small or big organization, CCTV cameras play an important role. You can monitor customers and employee’s performance and check if any assets of the company are misusing. If a company manager notices any fault part in the organization then it should be removed or make offline so that it cannot be accessed by the customers.

New user accounts in the company have to be checked and that account has to be restricted from accessing important data of the organization. Also, it should be noticed whether that user account is to be given access to the internet or not. All the user accounts have to reset their password after some days. And if you are an administrator in the company then you have to not tell password of any user to any other person in the company. Finally, high-level management of the company has to make rules so that future security planning and risk management is handled accurately.

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