Definition of internet

Internet is a global network in which all computers and devices are connected with each other through ISP, routers and servers. If any computer/device is connected to the internet then it can communicate with any other computer/device on the internet. The communication may be in the form of exchanging text, picture, video, voice and game/software.


History of internet

In 1960, the United States Department of defense makes ARPANET. ARPANET initially consists of only 100 computers. These were university computers by which different universities send and receive messages to one and another. During that time all the addresses of connected computers were saved by ARPANET server.

More computers were added to the ARPANET and managing all the computers by ARPANET become difficult. In early days circuit switching was used for communication between computers.

In 1970 TCP/IP protocol was made for communication between computers.  In the 1980s, the internet was made which uses TCP/IP protocol and packet switching for communication. During that period one computer scientist named Tim burner’s lee make HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) and WWW (World Wide Web).

In the 1990s, many computers started adding to the internet through ISP (Internet service providers). A dial-up connection is used in those days for communication that was very slow. With the passage of time, DSL or broadband internet was introduced which increase data transfer rate over the internet.

Advantages of internet

Below are some benefits of using the internet:-

Getting information: You can search for any type of information by using Google search engine. There are plenty of other search engines available by which you can discover new websites.

Apply for job online: There are many job websites on the internet by which you can apply for the job and get hired. In most cases, job interviews are also done on the internet through Skype.

Shopping online: You may hear about the Amazon website on which you can buy anything like books, electronic devices, cosmetics or any other thing you need. There are hundreds of other online stores by which you can order any product online and it will be delivered to your home. Nowadays fast food and any other type of foods like rice, fish, milk, and fruits can also be ordered online. You can use credit/debit card for placing an online order or you can manually give money when the product arrives at your home.

Online banking: Most banks give you online account access on PC or your mobile. You can transfer money from your online bank account to any other bank account. You can also pay utility bills by different services.

Sending and receiving emails: Hotmail was the first email service providers on the internet. Later Google Company announces Gmail which is now a popular email service provider. Gmail now gives 15 GB of space for email and other services like Google drive, Google Photos and others. You can send an email message to anyone within seconds. The email contains text, images and videos also.

Playing games online: You can now play games on the internet and chat with other people also. Children play the game with each other online and enjoy their time.

Earn money online: Earning money from making websites is a good source of income. Also, you can earn money by making videos on YouTube. You can also sale your technical courses online or work as a freelancer.

Monitor your business: In-office or any other business place, the owner can monitor the staff performance online. This is done because cameras are installed in the workplace and are connected to the software. The owner can see the cameras by mobile or through his laptop/pc.

Online education: There are many websites on which you can learn by watching videos. Your performance can be checked by online tests. You can practice the exercises given by your instructor and can also chat with the instructor.

Entertainment: You can watch movies online and also listen to songs, TV shows, celebrity interviews and much more.

Buy and sell: Buying and selling anything online is easy and cost-effective. You can buy/sell digital products like watches, mobiles, LED’s, tablets, computers, bike, jewellery, cars online.

Social networking: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are popular websites in which people can communicate with each other. In these sites family members, friends and other people can share their photos/videos and chat with each other. Social media sites are good for marketing and time pass also.

Helps in travelling: You can book your airline tickets online. Similarly, you can book hotel rooms online. If you want to travel to any place then Google maps help you to find the right road to reach your destination.

Company profile: If you want to know details about any company like pizza Hutt, coca cola, Toyota, Honda then these companies have their own websites made. You can also communicate with these companies through their Facebook pages.

Disadvantages of internet

Below are some drawbacks of using the internet:-

Heath problem: People who use the internet all day get ill and they may get back pain and eye weakness. Using the internet is a type of addicted behavior which is not good for health.

Under age material: The Internet is sometimes not good for children because there are all types of information placed on the internet including under age sensitive content. So parents have to make a restriction on their children and block unwanted websites on their PC.

Wrong information: As anyone can upload data on the internet so there may be a chance that you will get misleading information from the internet. So a better solution to this is that you can only trust the information which is provided by authentic resource online.

Time waste for students: Most of the students waste their time on the internet and their studies are disturbed. They use social media sites most of the time and don’t care about studies.

Crimes problem: In social media sites, terrorists are also active and they abuse and mislead innocent people. Some people upload image/videos that are against the government and it affects people life also.

Virtual world: There is a difference between the virtual and real world. You may get the wrong behavior on virtual world (internet) and when you go to the real world then you will want to isolate yourself from other people.

Spamming: Spam means sending irrelevant information to people continuously. We get spamming in emails and social sites which is time wastage and may take people to fraud.

Virus attacks: With the evolution of the internet, virus programs are also made. If your computer is connected to the internet then virus attack is common. The virus program when attacks on your computer then your important data is stolen or deleted. So it is better to install anti-virus software on your PC and don’t store sensitive data (bank account details, credit/debit card details) and other important data on your computer.

Lack of job security: If you are a computer programmer or related to the online world then you have to evolve with the upcoming technologies. A computer programmer has to update his skills continuously. If you don’t update your skills then you may lose your job.

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